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Timeless Appeal

Although there are many flooring options available, most people prefer hardwood, due to its warmth, luxurious finish, and timeless appeal.

In addition, hardwood is available in a wide array of species, colours, widths, and finishes, so regardless of your décor style, there is a hardwood for you. When you visit our showroom, conveniently located in Vaughn, our design experts will guide you through our vast range of finishes and styles. However, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we proudly offer custom hardwood flooring in Toronto, in order to help our clients’ dreams become a reality. While most standard hardwood is available in various sizes, ranging from 3 to 6 inches wide and approximately 3 feet long, at Chestnut Flooring, we can customize the plank size in order to help you achieve the look you desire. We offer custom milling, which means that planks which exceed 3 feet in length and 6 inches in width are possible. Thus, if you want to achieve a country inspired look, we can provide wider planks, whereas individuals who are hoping for a more formal finish typically opt for narrower planks.

If you like the benefits of custom hardwood flooring, but dislike its traditional look…

We can work with you to customize its installation in a way which suits your design style. For example, planks can be cut into various shapes, such as parquet squares or rectangles, in order to achieve a unique geometric design. To further enhance the distinct pattern you have envisioned, we can also install two or more different colours or types of wood, to create a truly one of a kind floor. Customized installation is also available for individuals who hope to achieve the traditional look of luxury hardwood but are working with a space that requires customized plank sizes, due its unique shape or size. At Chestnut Flooring, we can customize our solid hardwood flooring to accommodate your individual needs. We will also discuss the various installation methods with you in order to determine the most suitable technique for your space. When using the best solid hardwood, we use either the nail down or staple down techniques, which involve nailing or stapling the hardwood in place, in order to achieve your desired look. When installing engineered hardwood over a concrete sub-floor, we recommend the glue down method, which reduces the likelihood of creaking. However, engineered hardwood can also be installed using the floating technique, which does not involve attaching the boards to the sub-floor. Instead, the floorboards are clicked together using an innovative tongue and groove system.

Customized Installation

Type of Flooring

One of the most important considerations when creating a customized floor is the most suitable flooring type for your space.

We will listen to your vision for the project and help you to determine the best material for the job. Solid hardwood is a beautiful and luxurious material, available in numerous species, widths, and finishes, which gives it great design potential. It is also an incredibly hardwearing and durable product, which will last for many years to come. However, it is not suitable for installation in rooms that may be exposed to moisture, such as basements and kitchens.Engineered hardwood, which can be thought of as a sort of hybrid between solid hardwood and laminate, provides the same look as hardwood but can be installed in virtually any part of the home. It is comprised of a thin slice of hardwood layered on top of a piece of high quality plywood and, like hardwood, is available in numerous finishes, species, and widths. It can last upwards of forty years, but cannot be refinished as frequently as solid hardwood due to its composition.Whether you choose solid wood flooring or engineered hardwood, there are also numerous different species of wood to choose from. In addition to selecting the species that meets your aesthetic, it is also important to consider the quality of the wood in order to ensure the longevity of your investment. For individuals who prefer a lighter wood, maple and ash are popular choices. Hickory and oak are durable materials with a medium tone. Mahogany and walnut are popular picks for individuals who prefer darker woods.However, it is also important to consider the durability of the material; harder woods such as Brazilian Cherry or Koa are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, whereas softer wood such as walnut are best suited to areas with minimal traffic. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will discuss the pros and cons of each material in order to help you determine the best option for you.

Custom Hardwood Installation

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One of the most important considerations when customizing hardwood is the finish.

Both solid luxury hardwood and engineered hardwood are available in a variety of different finishes in order to help you achieve your desired look. In addition, there are pre-finished and unfinished options to choose from. Pre-finished hardwood is sanded and finished in the factory, which means it is much quicker to install. Although it is available in numerous different finishes, there are some limitations. Conversely, unfinished hardwood, which is available in both top nailed and tongue and grove configurations, can be completely customized on site. Once installed, we can customize the finish to match your existing décor, such as your furniture, cabinets, or even wall colour. In addition, you can determine the sheen level of your floor, from matte to glossy.
If you are looking for the best hardwood flooring in Toronto, we welcome you to visit our showroom to see the wide range of quality products that we offer. At Chestnut Flooring, we understand the unique nature of each individual’s needs, taste, and budget and are dedicated to working with each client to help them achieve beautiful, customized flooring. Whether your style is country, contemporary or traditional, we have the materials and expertise to deliver the results you are looking for. Please contact us today for luxury hardwood flooring in Toronto at a fraction of the price.

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