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Electrical Engineer

An Electrical Engineer works with a wide scope of electronic instruments and machines, tests equipment and appliances, and resolves technical complications.

Gadgets include cell phones or computers, and complex and intricate electrical systems, including radar and navigation systems. The demand for talented Electrical Engineers is incredibly high across multiple markets, as they design, create, repair, and maintain practical and widely-used devices.

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What do Electrical Engineer Jobs Usually Involve?

Electrical Engineers’ tasks and responsibilities are quite technical: they draft electrical designs with the help of computer-aided tools, such as AutoCAD. They also complete schematics, load calculations, perform equipment selection, and generate system concept reports. They detect design issues and develop cost-effective solutions. Electrical Engineers also provide technical support throughout the development and deployment of the project. They collaborate with other departments on project design.

Electrical Engineers work closely with the project manager to create and present status reports regarding the ongoing state of the project, any perceived design-related issues, and results projections.

What Kinds of Educational Qualifications or Skills Are Helpful for Electrical Engineer Jobs?

Electrical Engineering trade carries high-ranking levels of responsibility. Candidates applying for this position will be expected to possess advanced levels of education and certification. Most companies will require a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Computer, or Electronics Engineering. Some enterprises require Electrical Engineer candidates have a Master’s Degree, and may want applicants registered as Professional Engineers by a provincial association.

Required occupational backgrounds can vary from industry to industry, often displaying a variance of two-to-seven years, post-degree, working in a related field. Electrical Engineer candidates are presumed to be excellent diagnosticians, possessing superior problem solving and creative thinking skills. Typically, a notable competence with technology and applicable software programs, such as computer-aided design (otherwise known as AutoCAD), is an employers’ top priority.

How ERSC Can Help You Get an Electrical Engineer Job?

At ERSC, our recruiters know engineering within the field of information technology is multi-faceted and ever-expanding. We work diligently to maintain a working knowledge of the skills and traits businesses desire when searching for an ideal candidate. The ERSC team is committed to seeking out experienced and capable individuals for full-time placement with prestigious companies. By taking advantage of our services, your job search becomes smoother and successful.

Our qualified staff is acquainted with industry requirements and can offer practical advice for meeting the prerequisites set by companies looking for qualified Electrical Engineers.

Final Considerations for Electrical Engineer Jobs

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