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Junior Project Manager

Junior Project Managers are critical amongst various industries. Different companies will demand specific responsibilities.

At consulting firms, construction companies, financial institutions, and research and development agencies, Junior Project Managers provide ongoing support for senior management. They perform clerical and administrative duties, organize information, and prepare progression reports and presentations. Junior Project Managers maintain close contact with clients, buyers, and any outside firms or resources via phone calls or email.

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What do Junior Project Manager Jobs Usually Involve?

Junior Project Managers oversee much of the scheduling of the project, arranging necessary meetings, coordinating vacation times for employees, and maintaining an ongoing project calendar. They may be tasked with updating and supervising expenses for the project, including sustaining estimation goals and establishing cost control methods. Their administrative duties also may extend to the auditing of program documentation and invoicing.

Junior Project Managers collaborate with project team members, including the project owner, and other employees. They are often the point of contact, and must communicate accurately and frequently with all associated parties.

What Kinds of Educational Qualifications or Skills Are Helpful for Junior Project Manager Jobs?

Junior Project Manager are incredibly versatile and must perform many tasks simultaneously. Their required skill set is considerably more demanding than any requisite degrees or workplace experience. A Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum two to three years of working experience in a relevant field is most commonly requested. Yet, some companies will ask for a certification in professional project management.

Most companies seek multi-taskers who are detail-oriented with superior written and oral communication skills. Junior Project Manager candidates with a proficiency in risk analysis and problem-solving, and can adapt to change within fast-paced environments, are in high demand. The ideal applicant must understand scopes of project plans, is an independent initiator and a team player, and has adequate knowledge of communication and information technology.

How ERSC Can Help You Get a Junior Project Manager Job?

ERSC is mindful of the sales industry and its demands. Our capable staff is well-versed with the intricacies of creating a successful résumé – one which boldly highlights both your strengths and the qualities most businesses are seeking in an optimal candidate. Our expert representatives provide fundamental interview techniques which ensure you are performing admirably.

Final Considerations for Junior Project Manager Jobs

A career as a Junior Project Manager can be both challenging and gratifying. If you are looking to expand your search for jobs, cal1 us at 1 (877) 585-1177. The ERSC team works to match you with a company which will appreciate and utilize your valued skill set.

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