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“When you work hard to achieve
excellence and care about others, you will achieve your dreams.” – Nancy Qiu

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From dream to leading skin care company

From a passion, a dream, and a small 500 square foot space, one of the GTA’s leading skin care company’s was born. Q Esthetics is, and has always been, a business built on genuine care and being best in class – truly believing in the transformative power and life-changing results that esthetic procedures can offer. “When you work hard to achieve excellence and care about others, you will achieve your dreams.”- Nancy Qiu – This is the drive behind the business she’s built, and the reason for the impressive team of medical professionals that work alongside her. We are a team devoted to providing our absolute best, for you to look and feel your best. With 3 flourishing clinics – including our beautiful 3500 square foot suite in Richmond Hill, our chic downtown Yorkville locale, and our charming space in Mississauga – we have the GTA covered.

As the founder of Q Esthetics, dedication and true passion for helping others has been a constant driving force in Nancy Qiu’s life. Growing up in a working-class family in China, she saw how hard her parents worked to provide them the life they had. The importance of education was always enforced, and Nancy knew that this would provide her the means for the future of which she had always dreamed. After requiring medical care for an illness at an early age, she had been fascinated with the level of compassion she received from the specialists. Nancy had such a nurturing and caring demeanor, even from a young age, that she became adamant in pursuing a career as a medical professional – a career that would allow her to make an impact in others’ lives, as the doctors had done for her. She made a promise to her family, a commitment to help others, devoted many years in pursuing her education; and eventually surpassed all obstacles, becoming a talented medical cosmetic professional in her community.

Years into medical career

still having that drive to better her life and eager to explore and embrace new opportunities, she and her husband made the brave decision to uproot their family and move to Canada. Despite not knowing the country or the language, Nancy’s will to succeed was strong. She accepted odd jobs here and there, and although grateful for these connections, she missed the passion she had once felt. She found herself dreaming of her career in medicine, when she was helping to better the lives of those around her, and finally decided to listen to her heart. Equipped with a pocket translator, a background and experience in the medical industry, and a desire to make a difference in a country that had immediately made her feel at home – Nancy rented a small 500 square foot space and opened the very first Q Esthetics in 2002. Because of her medical background, the progression into the esthetics industry was natural.

Beginning with a very small clientele, Nancy conducted her practice using a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. After witnessing incredible results from her treatments, along with her kind, professional, and knowledgeable demeanor, she soon had a reliable group of repeat and respected clients. She had once again embraced her true passion, and truly began to thrive.

Innovative Pioneers

As innovative pioneers in non-surgical laser skin treatments, Q Esthetics Laser Clinic is a leading provider of advanced clinical skin care and personalized treatments in the Greater Toronto Area. Having worked with thousands of patients over the years, we continue to appreciate the increasing demand and necessity of cutting-edge technologies, and believe in the utmost care and respect for each and every client.

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Our Experience

With the continual growth of her business, an emphasis on technology and staying up to date with industry trends had always been at the forefront of Nancy’s mind. With her extensive understanding of the medical esthetic market, she wisely predicted that laser technology was going to be the future of the beauty industry. Acting on her intuition, she purchased one of the first-generation Palomar IPL EstheLux Laser Systems; and thus, Q Esthetics Laser Clinic was born. She began treating everything from telangiectasia and laser hair removal, to acne and scarring; as well as successfully treating and curing many chronic skin diseases, such as onychomycosis, athlete’s foot and warts. Along with advancement in technology came the need to grow her company and brand. Nancy’s husband Peter, fully believing in her dream and potential, decided to embark on this adventure with her; taking over marketing, networking, and web design for the company.

15 years later, Q Esthetics Laser Clinic has grown exponentially, and is recognized as one of the city’s largest and most comprehensive esthetic skin solutions. With three reputable clinics in the GTA, and a team of 40 medical professionals – including weight loss specialist & best-selling author Dr. Melissa Hershberg, and injection beauty expert Dr. David Engelberg; along with highly qualified registered nurses and medical consultants – Nancy’s dream of growing a business in order to help others continues to exceed all expectations.

In-House Technologies

As a valued client at Q Esthetics, you will benefit from over twenty advanced in-house technologies, providing optimal results for your specific needs. As all procedures are performed by licensed physicians and cosmetic nurses, you can be confident that each treatment is executed by qualified hands. In ensuring safety, efficiency, and adhering to the highest service standards for all treatments, clients are provided with exceptional esthetic results and overall care.

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Dedication to our clients

Nancy often reminds her team, that a medical esthetic professional does not only exude excellence in performance and knowledge; but in love, patience and dedication to each and every individual client. The Q Esthetics team of talented and experienced professionals is dedicated to creating a caring, calming, and nurturing environment. From your first consultation to your final treatment, your privacy, comfort and satisfaction are our highest priority. Whatever your skin care needs may be – from addressing tell-tale signs of aging , to removing unwanted hair – our experts will craft a complete and customized program to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Over the years we have seen such positive changes, happy clients, and life-altering results; that Nancy is consistently being reassured that listening to her dream was ultimately the best decision she could have ever made – and as our slogan states, and as we truly believe – “with our best, you look and feel your best!”

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Esthetic Laser Clinic

Here at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we work with thousands of acne patients each and every year, so we understand how you feel about unsightly acne and the frightening possibility of acne scarring. You may already have scarring to deal with, and you’ve likely tried many products to treat yourself at home, experiencing disappointment and frustration. Our experienced medical staff will thoroughly examine your complexion to ensure the right treatment options are offered to you for your specific needs*. Acne treatment is not one size fits all, and your private one-on-one consultation will be the first step to regaining clear and acne-free skin again. Rest assured we offer many different treatment modalities, and if you’ve given up trying to treat your acne or scars because of poor results from previous treatments, we will find effective alternatives so that you can begin to see clear and smooth skin again.

Call one of our three convenient clinics today and book your complimentary consultation to find out how we can assist you.

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