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Aging Skin

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Aging Skin

No matter how healthy we are, skin aging is an inevitable and unfortunate process for both men and women; which will begin to show as young as your mid-20’s, depending on our genetics and lifestyle. Cell function diminishes as we age, resulting in an imbalance to where the skin no longer renews itself as quickly and efficiently as it used to.

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Aging Skin

Clinical signs of skin aging can include; an increase in vascularity or visible veins and capillaries, actinic keratosis or solar keratosis – a crusty darkened skin lesion caused by damage from ultraviolet rays, wrinkles and fine lines on the face, and skin laxity or sagging. As our DNA is damaged through environmental and other factors, dyschromia, or pigmented sunspots may show up due to an overproduction of melanin. Unfortunately when our skin begins to age, dead skin cells no longer slough off or exfoliate themselves and regenerate as easily. This causes the skin to appear dull and uneven in tone/texture. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, we also lose collagen and elastin in our skin that are partially responsible for the thickness, and smooth and plump appearance.

Fat pads in areas like the cheeks can begin to diminish and create a sunken look. With the loss of collagen and natural hydration in aging skin, a brittle quality as well as less oil production can leave the skin feeling and looking dry. Collagen helps provide structure to the skin. It can be broken down through repeated sun exposure and with age, because cells produce less and less of the collagen we need to repair damage. Fine lines and wrinkles love to settle into thin, dry skin.

Aging skin

Lastly, dynamic muscle movements made with every day facial expressions, can strengthen certain muscles and repeatedly fold and furrow the overlying skin in areas where lines and wrinkles will form. Squinting in the sun regularly, frowning and even smiling, can gradually set unwanted lines; making us appear older, tired or angry.

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Signs of aging skin

Beginning as early as our mid-20’s, fine lines and wrinkles are often the first visible signs of aging to appear, showing up on different areas of the face. Fine lines are small, shallow wrinkles that become noticeable around the eyes at the top of the cheeks; referred to as laughter lines or crow’s feet. Wrinkles are typically a bit deeper than fine lines and my stay on the skin even when our expression is at rest. They may first appear on the forehead as horizontal lines. Because these wrinkles are caused by facial expressions, they will usually become more pronounced and deeper as time goes by. Deeper wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds can form in the crease between the nose and mouth, and will deepen over time with dynamic facial movements as well. There are also wrinkles that are related to skin sagging. When thinning and sagging skin shifts downward on the face, folds and creases may appear.

Our skin is a complex organ, and aging occurs on all three of its layers in different and cumulative ways. These layers are the epidermis, dermis and subdermal or lipid layer. In the epidermal layer, slower cell turnover and reduced sebum production means roughness and dryness on the skin’s surface. The epidermal layer also becomes more sensitive to UV light as it ages, increasing the level of damage. Immune function reduction due to aging means that the skin repairs itself more slowly, making it more prone to delayed wound closure and infection. There is a 1% reduction in collagen in the skin’s dermal layer after the age of 25. Collagen and elastin are considered to be building blocks of the skin, and their decline causes dermal tissue disorganization. When skin structure is weakened, fine lines and wrinkles are more easily formed.

Why Skin Ages?

Hyaluronic acid, our skin’s natural hydrating plumper, slows down its production as we mature as well. This means that skin cells are less efficient in drawing and binding wate, so dehydration becomes a problem. Weaker, dehydrated skin is more prone to broken capillaries and other damage.

Circulation reduction and inefficiencies mean that less oxygen and nutrients are delivered to our skin and to the dermal layer with each year that passes, so a healthy youthful glow, and colour in the lips and cheeks may diminish.

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non-surgical anti-aging treatments

In the deep, subdermal layers of the skin, we depend on lipid storage (fat pads) to fill out youthful softness and structure in the face. This layer depletes as we age, resulting in a loss of cheek volume, deep wrinkles, hollows around and under the eyes and impaired wound healing.
If optimal effects are to be achieved from anti-aging treatments and products, all three levels of tissue where aging occurs- the epidermis, dermis, and subdermal must be targeted and treated for their own unique issues. Among the many, non-surgical anti-aging treatments we offer are:

• Light Therapy Anti Aging Treatment
• Laser Wrinkles for Anti Aging
• Anti Aging Skin Care Products
• Anti Aging Facial Treatments
Botox Cosmetics for Anti Aging
• Skin Tightening & Anti Aging
• Laser Vein for Anti Aging
Pellevé Skin Tightening Treatment
• Ultherapy Treatment
• Cosmetic Dermal Fillers

At Q Esthetics Laser Clinics Toronto , we proudly offer a wide variety of anti-aging treatments, perfect for treating all skin types, colours and ages. We customize a personal anti-aging plan for each patient according to his or her needs. Your one-on-one private consultation will allow you to share your questions and concerns, and benefit from an assessment from a qualified skin care professional. If you need more information about anti-aging treatments, prevention, or would like to book your complimentary consultation, please call one of our three convenient clinics today.


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