Are Your Sunglasses Giving You Wrinkles?

If dermatologists ran the world (or Bloomingdale’s), you’d only be able to buy wraparound sunglasses. But they don’t. And it’s not the ’80s. Thank God. But some shades can make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage—and others (OK, not wraparounds) offer extra protection.

Don’t bring your aviators to the beach. I know, I know, it’s sad. But the metal frames on most aviators “reflect sunlight on the tops of the cheeks, causing them to burn,” says Vivian Bucay, a dermatologist in San Antonio. And women who wear them often get sun spots on their cheeks as a result, she says. Pick sunglasses with plastic frames instead.

Go for sunglasses with mirrored lenses. “They block more UV rays than regular tinted lenses,” says Bucay. That’s key, since the thin skin around your eyes is so prone to sun damage and wrinkles. There are lots of good options, including ones from Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Céline, which makes the sunglasses the model in this picture is wearing.

Age spots and fine lines on my face were gone!

Feeling the need to improve the appearance of my aging skin, I had tried several Toronto local laser clinics, with very disappointing results. When I come to Q Esthetics, I was impressed by the staff’s honesty and knowledge. The laser aesthetician suggested photorejuvenation for my age spots and fractional laser for my wrinkles. After 4 photorejuvenation and 3 fraxel resurfacing, I was totally surprised with the results! More than 80% of my aging spots were gone plus my skin tone and texture was smoother, and most of the wrinkles and fine lines on my face were also disappeared. I wish I found Q Esthetics earlier. Highly recommended!

M. Cameron from TorontoAge spot treatment

My sun spots disappeared

“I was really impressed with how quickly my sun spots disappeared.
What I appreciate most is that the technician told me I would require 2-3
treatments and she was spot on!

The staff is also very friendly, always smiling and polite, plus I found
Q Esthetics very accommodating. I would definitely refer friends and family here”

Alissa R.TorontoSun Spot Treatment

July 17, 2014

‘Too few’ women using sun cream

The charity Macmillan Cancer Support is warning that not enough women are using sun cream.

It said a survey had shown that nearly one in four planned not to use sun tan lotion when going on holiday later this year.

The charity said it found some people’s attitudes to being sunburnt “very concerning”

The British Association of Dermatologists has also raised concerns that too many people are getting burnt.

The Macmillan poll of 1,500 women showed that 22% did not wear sun cream when on holiday in a hot country.

The charity said: “Of those who said they never wear sun tan lotion, when asked why, 24% say they don’t sun burn, 14% think sun tan lotion is too expensive and 12% believe it doesn’t work.”

Carol Goodman, a Macmillan nurse, said: “As people are preparing to go abroad for their annual holiday, it is very concerning that nearly a quarter of British women are putting themselves at risk of skin cancer by not wearing any sun tan lotion abroad.

“Over two and a half thousand people die of skin cancer every year and so it is a real issue.”

Figures from the British Association of Dermatologists showed 92% of people had been sun burnt at least once. One in three had been burnt more than ten times.

Stephen Jones, the president of the Association, said that everyone’s skin was different.

“Not everyone’s skin offers the same level of protection in the sun, which is why it’s really important to get to know your own risk level – for example, people with pale skin who burn easily or those with a close family history of skin cancer are at greater risk of sun damage and need to take extra steps to protect themselves.”

Feel ten years younger!

I’m so grateful that I took the laser resurfacing and photorejuvenation treatments at Q Esthetics. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin – most of my age spots and large pores were gone and the wrinkles were significantly softened. Now I look and feel like 10 years younger:-)

Lisa P. from Toronto Sun Spots Removal (Mar. 25, 2010)

Sun damaged skin treatment

“I’m a firm believer in non-ablative treatments, so I was intrigued by the concepts of IPL when I came across it about two months ago. At first, I enthusiastically perused all available information about IPL both on the internet and at some laser clinics. Unfortunately this left me somewhat confused and, in the case of the actual consultations, disillusioned.

Finally I found Nazila at the Q Esthetics Laser Clinic. Nazila was great; she explained the procedure to me and answered all my questions to my full satisfaction. I decided on the full set of IPL Photorejuvenation treatments. I was 55 years old and had sun damage and all other symptoms of collagen loss and skin laxity. Imagine my surprise after the first treatment that my age spots and sun damage pigmentation reduced enormously and my skin looked brighter and clearer than it had for many years. Immediately, my skin became firmer. Now after my third treatment (out of a package of six) my skin feels so much firmer, elasticated and even in texture. Last week I was mistaken for being 42 years old, which is 13 years younger than I actually am. I’m absolutely ecstatic…. What will happen when I finish my package of treatments?

Nazila is amazing, very professional, very reassuring and extremely conscientious while managing to make you feel relaxed at the sametime. I would recommend her and Q Esthetics to anyone.”

Cindy G. from Richmond Hill Sun Spots Removal (Mar. 2009)