My Mole Removal Experience with Q Esthetics

I had a noticeable mole on the side of my nose; however, I was only concern about it in the winter season. In the cold season the mole would get dry and the creams did not work to make the area more comfortable. After a while I could not take it anymore, so I started to use mole removal creams for a month.  But it took so much time and I always had to cover the area with a Band-Aid.  I gave up on using the creams before they actually did something. (What a waste!! They are expensive!)

When I looked at the Q-Esthetics website and read some testimonials I had a good feeling about Q Esthetics. (At this point a little bit of doubt because of the mole removal cream experience) But when I met with Nancy I decided to do the treatment right away. (I was there just for a question and a quote that day).  She explained the procedure, and kindly made a plan considering my budget.  It took only 1 hour to remove the mole, and it wasn’t painful at all.  2 weeks later the scar was gone.  There is a small tiny little scar left, but it’s really not noticeable at all. Even when I tell people about it, nobody believes me.  I’m really satisfied with the job Nancy did. I don’t even think about the mole at all now. It’s just amazing!! I would totally recommend Q Esthetics to others who are thinking about mole removal!!

Suzanne from TorontoMole Removal (Nov. 2009)

Thanks to everyone at the Thornhill office of Qesthetics!

I am a 53 year old lawyer in Toronto. It came as a bit of a surprise to me a
few years ago when my wife of 20 years decided she wanted a divorce. It came
as an ever bigger surprise when I found out shortly after our separation
that she had “hooked up” with my best friend! Needless to say, I felt
rejected and depressed and not in the mood for “dating” again. That
situation was made worse by the gradual appearance and growth of a mole near
my eyelid which was, quite frankly, very unattractive. I went to see my GP
and he said there was no medical reason to remove this growth. But after a
few women commented on the mole, I decided it had to go. I went to see the
staff at the Thornhill clinic and the procedure was painless and quick
…and left practically no visible scar at all. I could not have been
happier with the result and I just wish I had done it years earlier. I feel
more attractive and more confident and I strongly recommend them to anyone
in a similar situation. It’s never too late to improve your appearance!

My moles gone and my confidence back!

“I was so embarrassed by the moles on my arms. I would make sure that I didn’t wear short sleeved tops to work or when I went out. I found Q Esthetics and came in for a consultation with Nancy. I knew I was in safe hands and she would do her best. Since the procedure, I’m not embarrassed by my arms anymore and I have my confidence back. Thank you.

I’m glad to recommend people to Q Esthetics when they ask about my procedure. I will definitely be visiting Q Esthetics in the future for other treatments because I know I can trust them.”

Kathy W. from Toronto  – Moles Removal (April, 2009)