Quick Facts about Rosacea

Rosacea is a harmless skin disorder, but it may cause one to be self-conscious or embarrassed. The exact cause of rosacea is not known. The following are some quick facts about rosacea:

  • Rosacea is most likely contributed to:genetic predisposition, lack of vitamin-B, spicy food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, stress, ect.
  • Rosacea primarily affects people with lighter skin types, though it can affect people with any type of skin.
  • Rosacea typically develops between the ages of 30 and 50, and appears more commonly in women than in men.
  • In some cases, rosacea may co-exist with acne. This is known as “adult acne rosacea”.
  • Early stage rosacea may be misdiagnosed as a sunburn, which often causes a delay of treatment.

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My Rosacea treatment at Q Esthetics‎‎

I had severe Rosacea with acne and tried all the antibiotics and homeopathic remedies, but they messed up my face instead getting rid of the redness. Having done some homework, I come to Q Esthetics Laser Clinic to try the IPL treatment. To be honest, after having suffered so much, I was a little skeptical about what it would achieve for me. At my first visit, the aesthetician gave me a deep cleansing followed by the IPL procedure. Immediately after that 1st treatment, I could see noticeable difference. Now after 4 treatments I saw dramatic reduction in the redness and vessels and the acne was completely gone. I also noticed that my skin texture was much smoother.

I wish I had done this sooner! Highly recommend Q Esthetis to all rosacea patients.

Josiah S. from TorontoRosacea Treatment (Jun. 15, 2010)