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There are a variety of cosmetic treatment types that utilize injections of a medication or substance, in order to remove what is not wanted or to add what is. Many people are familiar with the wrinkle-smoothing power of Botox, which can erase years off of a person’s appearance and brighten a tired look.

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Facial fillers are also gaining rapid popularity because of their ability to add volume in areas where aging and weight loss will diminish it. Both of these substances are used in other areas of the body as well, and the newly approved uses for injectables increase every year. One of the newest injectable treatments on the market, and available at Q Esthetics Clinics, is BELKYRA™ – a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring bile salt in the human body that assists in the breakdown and absorption of fat. When injected subcutaneously under the chin, deoxycholic acid disrupts cell membranes in adipocytes, and destroys the fat cells in the target tissue. In April 2015, deoxycholic acid was approved by the FDA in the US, under the brand name Kybella by Kythera Biopharma, for the treatment of mild to moderate submental fat. It is the first pharmacological agent available for submental fat reduction. This allows consumers a non-surgical option and alternative to liposuction for this difficult to treat area. Just like surgical liposuction, fat removal with BELKYRA™ is permanent. The submental fat that is destroyed cannot come back.

Kenalog is an injectable medication which can be injected directly into acne, or pimples at the sign of a breakout, to reduce the infection, redness and swelling almost immediately*. Kenalog injections are typically used to help only deep cystic acne lesions. While this quick fix is used to tone down inflammation in cases of severe cystic acne or to zap a large pimple before an event, it will only reduce the symptoms and not treat acne at the source or prevent future breakouts from occurring. For acne, Kenalog injections are not considered to be an effective or long-term treatment.


Sclerotherapy is an injectable vein treatment that is minimally invasive, and uses a very fine needle to inject a solution directly into the affected vein. This is typically done for enlarged and darkened leg veins. The solution irritates the lining of the vessel, causing it to swell and collapse, and ultimately fade from view.
Sclerotherapy is a well-proven technique that has been used since the 1930s to remove unwanted visibly prominent leg veins, and can be utilized with any vessel large enough to inject with a fine needle.

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How does treatment work?

Neuromodulator injections used for reduction of facial lines and wrinkles, are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed at QEsthetics Laser Clinics Toronto – as we are one of the leading Botox® service providers in the GTA; and among the top 3, Botox is the most commonly used neuromodulator. Our experienced doctors work with thousands of Botox® patients each year. Botox Cosmetic® effects are not permanent. Visible results usually last between 3-4 months, but everyone’s body can metabolize the medication differently – and various areas of the face will respond differently. This is typically the treatment of choice for forehead lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines. The frown lines are sometimes called number 11’s, and create angry-looking vertical lines between the eyebrows. These are formed due to repetitive facial expressions and daily frowning. As we get older and our skin becomes less elastic, the overlying skin doesn’t smooth out as well when muscles are at rest. Botox is also used to treat migraine headaches and excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis.

Non-permanent dermal fillers

Non-permanent dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a complex sugar naturally found in the body – in areas such as the skin, eyes, and cartilage. Hydrophilic HA draws water to it, in order to add more volume under the skin and fill in wrinkles or deep folds. Because it is a completely natural substance, the body will gradually disappear as the body absorbs it.


What can I expect during and after the treatment?

Facial injectable fillers provide a natural complement for treatment with neuromodulators. Facial lines are considered to be static when they are visible at rest, whereas the lines that appear solely during facial expressions are best treated with a neuromodulator such as Xeomin, Dysport or Botox. Hyaluronic acid soft gel fillers are most appropriate to treat static lines, as well as to enhance or “plump up” the lips. It provides a soft, natural feeling and subtle looking results. This makes it an ideal treatment option for people of all ages – from subtle lip augmentation, to dramatic SoftLift effects.

Injectable treatments are typically very quick and cause minimal discomfort. Your doctor will use a topical medication to numb a small area of skin, if needed, before your treatment. Dermal fillers also contain Lidocaine, which further dulls pain sensations for a comfortable treatment experience. It is advised that you avoid medications and supplements known to have blood-thinning properties for a week prior to your injection treatment. This can include Aspirin, Advil, Ginseng, St John’s Wort and others. We welcome you to call one of our three convenient locations to learn about how injectable treatments can help you reach your goals.

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Here at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we work with thousands of acne patients each and every year, so we understand how you feel about unsightly acne and the frightening possibility of acne scarring. You may already have scarring to deal with, and you’ve likely tried many products to treat yourself at home, experiencing disappointment and frustration. Our experienced medical staff will thoroughly examine your complexion to ensure the right treatment options are offered to you for your specific needs*. Acne treatment is not one size fits all, and your private one-on-one consultation will be the first step to regaining clear and acne-free skin again. Rest assured we offer many different treatment modalities, and if you’ve given up trying to treat your acne or scars because of poor results from previous treatments, we will find effective alternatives so that you can begin to see clear and smooth skin again.

Call one of our three convenient clinics today and book your complimentary consultation to find out how we can assist you.

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