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Sun Spots & Sun Damage

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Laser sun spot removal

Laser sun spot removal is one of the most commonly performed, advanced treatments at Q Esthetics Laser Clinics in Toronto. Age spots, also known as sun spots, liver spots, brown spots, and freckles, are multiple, flat, discoloured areas on the skin caused by uneven distribution of melanin (skin pigment). They typically appear on sun-exposed areas of the skin, such as, the face, neck, hands, arms, and shoulders. One of the most telltale signs of a person’s age, besides wrinkles, can be visible darkened patches on our skin from the sun. The hands and face are noticeable areas for these discolourations to appear.

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Sun Damage

The melanin pigment in our skin absorbs sunlight and helps to protect our skin from UV rays. However, as we age, our skin’s natural ability to fend off UV rays gradually deteriorates, and we see the development of sunspots and plenty of other evidence of sun damage. Most skin care products and over the counter treatments won’t touch these discolorations, unfortunately; as they are unable to penetrate deep levels of the skin and change cells. The great news about sunspot treatment with Q Esthetics in Toronto, is that it is not only effective for creating healthy, even toned skin cells but it is generally fast and painless*.

There are so many over-the-counter skin creams that promise to remove age spots, but many of them are actually completely ineffective. Age spot treatments with laser and pulsed light devices are generally considered to be more effective than topical products. Sun damaged skin may improve gradually over a period of a few years simply with daily sunscreens and lightening creams, but for those who wish for more rapid results, one or two treatments with the IPL or laser will make a drastic improvement within two weeks*.

Age Spots

At Q Esthetics Laser Clinics , we treat age spots for almost every skin type with IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light. This can also be referred to as a photo facial or BBL. With many patented innovations, Palomar LuxG and LuxY hand-pieces can deliver optimally-filtered wavelengths of pulsed light to safely and effectively clear age spots*.

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How does laser treatment work?

The specific band of light targets the melanin in age spots, where the light is converted into heat. The heat selectively destroys the age spots, which are shed away, clearing the lesion and revealing fresher, healthier skin. Clinical studies have shown that age spot removal treatment with Palomar IPL handpieces can achieve results as good as or better than the treatments performed by single-application “gold standard” lasers, in addition to its superior comfort and no downtime*. Some of the reasons IPL therapy is so popular are the many improvements it can make to your complexion. Aside from fading brown spots, IPL can even tone, improve the overall texture of the skin, reduce redness, as well as shrink the appearance of pores. The result is more even-toned and tighter skin, and of course, faded sunspots.

At Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we also use the fractional laser to treat more deeply pigmented lesions. For dark, very pigmented lesions, stronger treatment and multiple sessions are required, however Fraxel treatments usually require between 15-45 minutes and results can be seen within 1-5 treatments. Fraxel targeted energy stimulates collagen production and resurfaces the top layer of skin. Your skin’s natural rejuvenation process will further smooth and retexturize the skin, as well as even the tone. The natural process of your body regenerating skin cells will typically mean it takes between 1-3 weeks before you can see results. Fraxel can be described as feeling like “a light sunburn” with minor redness after treatment.

Sun Spots & Sun Damge

Typical skin recovery post laser treatment includes temporary darkening of the unwanted pigment. This is a good sign and should be expected, as it means that the pigment is being pushed up to the surface where it will eventually be sloughed off. Redness, minor itching and swelling can also occur and last for up to a few days. Your treatment provider will talk to you about soothing and effective post treatment skin care to ensure optimal results.

Sun Damage

What can I expect during and after the treatment?

If sun damaged skin has resulted in dark patches on your face, hands, arms or chest, now you can do something about it. Target unwanted pigment without harming the surrounding skin. With a few quick treatments, the pigmented areas will appear lighter and your skin will appear clearer and more youthful.

Age spots may start to appear at a very young age. Excessive exposure to UVA and UVB light from tanning beds may lead to age spots. Many younger people in recent years have been under the impression that tanning beds and tanning, in general, are safe. With people covering up less and going out to darken in the sun more, it is not surprising that related pigmentation and blemishes are showing up in younger people. As well, after age 40, our skin is even less able to regenerate from sun exposure and the age spots become more prominent.
Age spots most commonly occur in light-skinned people who have less melanin pigment that can protect the skin from sun exposure. Pale skinned people of European decent commonly develop sunspots as they age. Age spots are also commonly seen in those who have a genetic tendency to develop freckles and to burn in the sun.

Most age spots are benign, but if you notice any with abnormal changes in color or shape, you should see a dermatologist in order to determine if they are cancerous or benign.
For detailed information and options for removing your age spots and freckles, please call one of our three convenient Q Esthetics Laser Clinic locations in the GTA to book an appointment for your complimentary consultation. Let us help you develop a customized plan to restore an even and healthy skin tone.

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